EASY~WINCH - General information

EASY~WINCH is NOT a winch, but is a 4:1 reduction ratio gearbox / winch handle combined unit. Your original winch remains untouched, and no running rigging changes are required.

EASY~WINCH  fits on to the winch just like an ordinary winch handle, except there is no locking plate on the bottom of the splines.  The torque strop, which prevents the unit rotating during use, also acts as a security strap, as it firmly attaches the unit to the boat (assuming it's fitted correctly).

EASY~WINCH is easily transferable between winches on your boat, as the only permanent fixture required is the torque strop attachment eye.  If you fit one by each winch on which you wish to use it, you can move it around just as you would a conventional winch handle.

EASY~WINCH does NOT increase the power of your winch, as suggested in a recent PBO article, but simply reduces the effort required by the operator.

Easy Winch

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